How does OddsCrowd work?

OddsCrowd is a Social App, built just for Sports Bettors. 

Live Chat with other Sports Bettors (Mobile App only) - Every user has their verified betting record placed right next to every post. So you know who you should, and shouldn’t be listening to before placing your next bet. 

Track your Bets  - using real odds and lines 

Track you Performance - Your performance is ranked and profiled with ROI, strike rate and loads of other metrics. 

Public Competitions - You can enter free to play, risk-free betting contests for big cash prizes. 

Private Competitions -  Compete for supremacy against your betting buddies…. or even your worst enemies. 

Follow Top Performers - You can use the leaderboard to identify the best bettors across the community and tail their upcoming plays. 

Earn Money from Selling Picks (Website Only) - If you become a top performing bettor on OddsCrowd, you can earn money from selling your picks.

Join a Public Competition

You can browse the Public Competition lobby and join Free to Play Public Betting Competitions for Cash Prizes. Check out the competition lobby and get involved in an upcoming Competition now! 

Competitions work as follows:

1. If you're not a member of OddsCrowd, sign up for FREE

2. Join a Competition

3. Enter Picks as many picks as you like on upcoming Sporting Events. Every pick is a hypothetical $100 bet (not your real money). 

4. You can place picks against the Spread, on the Moneyline, or Over/ Under Totals. 

5. Work your way to the top of the Leaderboard as your Profit surges. The most profit wins

Track Your Bets and Betting Performance

OddsCrowd tracks the performance and profitability of every member's betting picks over time. We track Profitability, ROI, Strike Rate and Ranking against the rest of the OddsCrowd community.

Unlike most other sites that offer bet tracking, our picks and odds cannot be edited or cancelled retrospectively. So you can trust that when you review another bettor’s history, what you are looking at is an accurate reflection of their performance. 

Create a Private Competition

Create your own Betting Competition and compete against your friends, your office buddies....or your worst enemies. Competitions can be set up around all of the Major US Sports - NBA, NCAAB, NFL, NCAAF, NFL, MLB and NHL. You can make competitions a day long, or all season long, it’s up to you! The best part, they are free to set up and play. 

Earn Money from Selling Your Sports Betting Picks

OddsCrowd is integrated with PayPal. So, if you become a top performing bettor on the site, you can feature on the rankings tables and earn money from selling your picks to other users. 

Buy the Picks of Top Performing Bettors 

Every time a user enters a pick on OddsCrowd, they can enter how much they would like to sell the pick for. If you're on the look out for some sharp betting advice, you can browse the top performing bettors and buy with confidence knowing their full betting history. 

You can look for top performing bettors via the rankings.

You can also browse the picks on sporting events from top performers via the Hot Picks page.

Sportsbook Reviews and Offers

We review the legal Online Sportbooks from all around the US, and publish the best and biggest promotional offers available to you upon signing up.


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For further information on how OddsCrowd works, view our FAQs page or contact us at [email protected]