Betting on the Super Bowl Champions Gatorade Color

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by Jake Cantrell

Looking for a challenging Super Bowl prop bet that could require skill and knowledge of tonight’s big game, but also could hinge on nothing but the tastebuds of NFL Players? We have the bet for you.

Gatorade Color Prop

Since the 1980s, teams have resorted to celebrating big wins with a ceremonious dumping of sports drink and ice that have left coaches freezing cold and mildly quenched for decades. With the Super Bowl being the biggest game of them all in the world of football, it has become a typical tradition of the winning team. A slightly newer tradition? Betting on what color the victorious team’s celebration liquid will be.

Sometimes it correlates with the winning team’s colors (Last year’s Rams celebrated with Blue Gatorade).

Sometimes it doesn’t (Two years ago in the battle of two red teams, the Chiefs and Buccaneers, Tampa celebrated with Blue Gatorade).

Sometimes it’s just water (or another clear liquid, like the four straight Super Bowl winners from 2005 to 2008).

Sometimes it’s nothing at all (the Patriots did not have a Gatorade bath at all in 2002, 2004 or 2017).

It could be dependant on what a team feels is good luck or just simply what they feel tastes best. And there’s really no way to know. But here’s what we do know.


Here are the best odds, depending on which color Gatorade you think will be chosen.

Yellow/Green (+125 at Draftkings)

Orange (+350 at Draftkings)

Red/Pink (+550 at Fanduel)

Blue (+600 at Fanduel)

Purple (+1000 at Fanduel)

Clear/Water (+1000 at Fanduel)

None* (+1300 at Draftkings)

*Fanduel bets on Gatorade color will be voided and returned if there is no Gatorade celebration. 


Blue has been the most common winner amongst Super Bowl winners, including the last two years and three of the last four. The Chiefs poured Orange Gatorade on Andy Reid after winning their last Super Bowl in 2020 while the Eagles dumped Yellow Gatorade in their 2018 Super Bowl win. Here are the winning Gatorade Colors from the last 20 Super Bowls:

2022- Rams: Blue

2021- Buccaneers: Blue

2020- Chiefs: Orange

2019- Patriots: Blue

2018- Eagles: Yellow

2017- Patriots: Blue

2016- Broncos: Orange

2015- Patriots: Blue

2014- Seahawks: Orange

2013- Ravens: None

2012- Giants: Purple

2011- Packers: Orange

2010- Saints: Orange

2009- Steelers: Yellow

2008- Giants: Clear

2007- Colts: Clear

2006-Steelers: Clear

2005- Patriots: Clear

2004- Patriots: None

2003- Buccaneers: Purple

Our pick: Blue (+600 at Fanduel) The best pick for you probably depends on who you think will win the game, especially given fairly recent history of Chiefs and Eagles Super Bowls in the last decade. However, Blue at +600 is ultimate value considering how often it’s been the choice of the champion and how it’s overall seen by many as the superior flavor of sports drink. If you’re feeling more conservative, Yellow/Green might be a good shout, considering both the Chiefs and Eagles feature either yellow or green in their team colors.

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