A Complete Guide to Voided, Canceled, and Refunded Bets

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Voided bets can be frustrating and confusing for bettors. What are these bets, why do they occur, and what can you do about them?

What Does a Voided Bet Mean?

A void bet is a canceled bet. There are many reasons why a bet may be voided, but it generally means that the game hasn’t gone ahead, or the line is no longer valid.

For instance, if you bet on Player A to score the first points/touchdown/goal, and they don’t play, the bet will likely be voided. Bets are also commonly voided for boxing matches that end as a no-contest and sports matches that are canceled. 

Although it’s less common, bets may be voided if the sportsbook made a mistake.

What Happens if a Selection Within a Teaser is a Push, Cancellation, or Voided?

If a line in a teaser is pushed or voided/canceled, it will be removed and the total odds will be recalculated. If the bet was for three teams, it will be reduced to just two.

If a Player is Injured, is the Bet Void?

Yes…and no. It depends on the sportsbook and the situation.

If we use the NFL as an example, all sportsbooks will refund your bet if the player is inactive and included on the official injury list. Some sites consider the bet live if the player is active, even if they don’t play.

All sportsbooks consider the bet live if the player appears on the field during active play, even if they only take one snap. Make sure you refer to your specific Sportsbook’s Terms on voided bets if you are particularly concerned about a player being injured. 

If a Player Doesn’t Play, is the Bet Void?

As above, all sportsbooks will cancel the bet if they are on the injury list and some will honor it if they are active. In all cases, the bet is live if they play for even one second. If your bet is on the first goal/point scorer and they remain on the bench throughout, some sites will void the bet and give you a refund.

How Does a Void Bet Work in a Parlay or Teaser. Do you Get your Money Back?

If it applies to a single selection, it will just be removed and the bet will be recalculated. If all bets in a parlay/teaser are voided, you should get a refund.

The Game Doesn’t Finish, is My Bet Voided?

All sportsbooks have rules concerning the minimum length of time that qualifies as a finished game. If this time has elapsed, the bet will stand. If not, it will be voided. Of course, if the game has merely been postponed until a later date, the bet will be unchanged.

In most cases, the minimum length of time is around 90% to 95% of the contest, such as 55 minutes for football and hockey. In others, such as soccer, it usually covers the full match. Check with your Sportsbook and their published terms to get specific guidance.

What Happens if you’ve Used a Free Bet and the Bet is Voided?

Providing the Free Bet token has not expired, it should be returned to your account.

Can you Cancel or Void a Sportsbook Bet after Placing it?

No, you cannot but some sportsbooks will let you cash it out. However, even if the game has not yet started, an early cash-out will likely result in a small loss.

FanDuel Voided Bet Terms

  • Player bets remain active if said player performs any role in the contest
  • Futures bets on postponed/changed events remain active
  • Match bets on postponed games will remain active for 48 hours and will be void if the rescheduled game does not take place.
  • Moneyline bets without a draw will be pushed/voided if the game ends in a draw

DraftKings Voided Bet Terms

  • All settled bets remain if an event is canceled while active
  • Bets are voided if they result from sportsbook error or if syndicate/influence betting is suspected
  • If an event is canceled before starting, all bets are void

Caesars Voided Bet Terms

  • All bets are void if a selection does not participate
  • Bets are void if an event is canceled before it starts
  • Bets that have already been settled before a cancellation will stand

BetRivers Voided Bet Terms

  • If a line in a parlay is voided, it will be removed. The parlay will remain active providing there are 2 or more lines
  • Any pre-match bets placed after the game has started (due to sportsbook error) will be canceled
  • Bets will be canceled if placed by technical problems or accepted by error
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